Robot Project #1

My first robot project is based on the Radio Shack 'Bedlam' toy as a base. These pages contain some photos, info I've learned, as well as circuit board photos and details.

Phase 1. After removing the body, I cut off the front section of the case top to make it easier to work with the motor control circuit board. I cut around the center motor's mount to keep it intact. The small circuit board contains a little logic and opto-isolators to isolate the processor (not seen).
Phase 2. Addition of a Microchip 16F877 microcontroller chip and prototyping board.
Phase 3. A number of competitors at the RI/SME Student Robotic Engineering Challenge 2001, for the Journey Robot contest. Phase 3 includes the addition of 2 InfraRed proximity sensors, and a C program to advance along a white maze with black border lines. Now christened "Me Robot", mine is in the lower left.

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