Doc's Computer Images:

This is one of my most recent images.... "Let's Take A Dip Again!":

[Pool Pic]

POV-Ray is the freeware ray-tracing program that I used to make this image.
Click here to see the day-time rendering.

Doc's "Opticks":

[Room Image] [Tiled Floor Image]

I created these image's in 1989 using my own program, Opticks, for the Amiga
computer. For more info about how these were developed, see my
"What is Ray-Tracing?" description and POV-Ray's home page.

Doc's Traditional Art:

[Large bevel cluster]stain_g2.jpg A quick pic of my newest stained glass piece.

[Rose]A Stained Glass Rose One of my first pieces.

[Rose]A small bevel cluster window

[Painting]path.gif Oil painting.. 1 of a series. [546K]

[Painting]tree.gif Acrylic painting.. 1 of a series. [691K]

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