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A painting, my motorcyle, Me, Mikey the pooch, a rose.

For the past few years, I've concentrated on programming the PC in DOS and Windows. Some of it as contract programming, and some of it in areas of personal interest. (See Professional Graphic and Programming Services).

Recently, I've focused well on those tasks I've neglected, and I'm starting to catch up! I'm looking forward to getting out more this summer, especially on the motorcycle.

My interests are varied:

Ivanhoe: A common 'handle' for me on local BBSs, and a favorite book of mine. I collect -illustrated- printings of Ivanhoe, so if you know of one available, tell me now!

Art: I enjoy many forms of arts and crafts. Favorite classic artists include Renoir and Monet (and most of the impressionists), Escher, Tiffany, and much, much more. My favorite piece at the Detroit Institute of Art is LaRenomme(sp?) ("Fame") by Louis-Ernest Barrias ca. 1902, an angelic figure of ivory and silvered bronze with turquoise and gilt on a flourite base. I have tried a few works in each of acrylic and oils (all but one are abstracts, though that one came out well), stained glass, drawing, paper-making, printing, photography, and more.

Graphics: This has been my favorite application of computers. After working at a commercial animation house in the mid-80s, I began writing my own ray-tracing program. This was released in 1989 as Opticks for the Amiga computer. Opticks works much like a 'virtual photography studio' and featured a full 3D GUI user-interface, spotlight simulation, and true-color Targa file output.

I enjoy following the application of computer graphics in film and video, and getting to do some of this myself professionally, from time to time. I'd like to be doing more. (See A Gallery of my Images).

Motor Racing: As you probably know by now, I have been a long-time fan of the Unlimited Hydroplane's. I even have an autographed photo of myself and Bill Muncey (smile). Just this year was the first time I visited the local 1/4 mile track, Flat Rock Speedway, and I thought it was fabulous! So much so, I took 4 of my best friends to see them too. We'll be making this a yearly gathering, just like the hydroplanes.

Miscellaneous interests: Hockey, reading, growing roses, and more.

Apparently, if you want to know more.. you're just going to have to ask. :)

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