Doc Raster's Professional Services:

My specialties are graphics programming and system development for control of complex multi-media presentations. I have worked extensively with CAD programming in the past. Examples of my projects:

  • Multi-media presentations for Keysoft, Inc clients:

  • Targa+ and VIGA+ implementation:
    • VidPlus - A Windows NT driver for the Truevision Targa+ and the Visionetics VIGA+.
    • DocTGA - Win16 utilities for the Targa+.
    • Custom Targa+ applications.

  • Computer-based 2D and 3D imaging and animation.

  • Low level peripheral device interfacing and programming for displays, mice, laserdiscs, audio systems, lighting systems, CNC systems.

  • Language experience: C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, ASM, HTML.

Doc Raster's DocTGA:

[DocTGA picture]
DocTGA is a Windows program for use with the Targa+ display adapter from Truevision. This is a Win16 application for use under Win3.1 and Win95 DocTGA allows grabbing from video, and clipboard operations between the Targa+ and other Windows applications. Global hotkeys assist in Targa+ operations so that cut and paste operations may be performed without leaving other applications.

DocTGA is available Right Here!

Doc Raster's BeautiFonts:

[BeautiFonts picture]
Anti-aliased fonts are useful in eliminating the 'jaggies' associated with most display fonts. BeautiFonts is a 'programmers font engine' and overcomes these jaggies by 'smoothing' the edges of characters using color gradations to produce its fine results.

In the BeautiFonts image above, note how smooth the edges of the fonts are (although results may vary depending on your WWW viewer and display resolution). Also note that the engine supports backgrounds, here the transparent blue area, along with transparent drop-shadows and text.

Here's a demo in 640x480 pixel res to show how tiny readable text can be:

[BeautiFonts Demo picture]

For the Win16 demo DLL, including sample application source code in C and VB, Click here. [BFDEMO.ZIP 334K]


   1988-2000     Independent Software Developer and Consultant.
                 Much of my Multi-Media work is done together with
                 Keysoft Inc., a custom programming and consulting firm.

                 During this time, I successfully completed a
                 number of multi-media project on-time and within
                 budget.  Past projects have been for companies that
                 include Ford Motor, multiple GM divisions, and Masco.

   1986-1988     Micro-Computer Programming Specialist.
                 (On contract to Ford Motor Company)
                 Computer Horizons.  Troy, MI.

                 Responsible for the design and specification of a
                 program to allow PC's access to their world-wide
                 CAD data network based on Prime mainframes.

   1985-1986     Management Engineer.
                 Western Digital.  Santa Ana, CA.

                 Responsible for re-building an incomplete set of
                 master firmware chips for all products, and also
                 for implementing vendor quality control procedures.

   1984-1985     Hardware Engineering
                 Robert Abel and Associates.  Hollywood, CA.

                 Responsible for the repair, maintenance,
                 modification and (some) design of in-house custom
                 equipment.  This includes mini-computer, 35mm
                 motion-control camera systems, and a 35mm computer
                 animation film recorder.

EDUCATION: I have an Associates Degree from Macomb Community College in Warren, MI. My greatest education has come from the people I have worked with.

PUBLISHED (RETAIL) SOFTWARE: In 1989 'Opticks' was published by Incognito Software in Westland, Michigan. I wrote Opticks using event-driven techniques and a graphical user interface. Opticks is a raster graphics program for simulating illumination in 3D imaging.

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