Doc Raster's VidPlus

VidPlus gives new life to the classic Truevision Targa+ for WinNT, Win2K & XP!

At the heart of VidPlus is a true kernel-mode device driver. Designed for the NT driver model from the ground up and based on years of Targa+ programming experience, the VidPlus user applications demonstrate the powerful and unique abilities of this adapter.

The Targa+ shows up in so many places, and everyone uses it in their own way. Feel free to send me your questions.

A VidPlus Software Development Kit is also available for NT/Targa+ application programmers. Click here for a snippet from my SDK Reference Manual.

How To Order:

The "User Edition" price is $50 (USD) via internet download. If you like, I'll send a CD-R copy of VidPlus to you... please add $10 for delivery within the U.S.

Upgrade downloads are free to owners of any previous version.

If you have any questions before ordering, see the link just below (Contact Brian). To order, send me a check (U.S. funds). International orders: see if your local bank or post office offers USD Money Orders at a reasonable price.

Click here to contact Brian

Related Notes:

Pinnacle has purchased Truevision, and they have a nice Targa+ support page including the classic driver software for download:
Pinnacle Targa+ Information

Inscriber is/was a popular program for use with the Targa+. They have some Targa+ related info on their page: Inscriber Targa+ Information

Need a Targa+ or other "Classic" Truevision products repaired? The one firm I know of has been doing it since 1990: Tech Export

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