Glass Art

I've sorted through many glass art sites to try and learn a bit about the hot glass arts, here are a number of the best links I found:

The Corning Museum of Glass Looks like a WONDERFUL place!

Pilchuck The premiere art glass school in the U.S. (founded by Dale Chihuly, a world reknown glass artist).

Southern Illinois University A large variety of glass artists found here!

Robert Mickelsen An artist with a web page devoted to his glasswork, ray-tracing, and surfing.

The Cambridge Glass School in Cambridge MA.

Palterer Design An artist in Milano.

Powell Brothers Glass Art Stained, Leaded, Etched and Valle De Verre glass art.

Pratt Fine Arts Center "Seattle's Studio for the Visual Arts".

Harald Eberhart Glassworker at UofM - Some really nice pieces.

Chris Heilman Hot glass artist making detailed paperweights, large vessels and sculptures.

James Riser The nearly lost art of copper wheel engaving on crystal.

Genesis Glass Works Stained Glass, Beads, Jewelry using Dichroics and thin film technologies.

Kroma More Stained Glass, Beads, Jewelry using Dichroics and thin film technologies.

Drew Fritts We never had marbles like these when we were kids!

Jacob Fishman A neon artists home page. Here's his commercial page.

Krypton NEON Tons of neon info.

Atomic Neon In St. Louis.

Blacksheep Glass Vases, Orbs and Glasses.

Phoenix Art Glass Mostly very nice vases and lamps.

James Clark Really nice pieces and web page! Specializing in perfume bottles.

Glass by James Michael Nice page w/a description of compounds used in making glass.

Janusz Walentynowicz Some of this work was recently on display at Habatat Galleries in Pontiac, MI.

Mutant Materials From the Museum Of Modern Art, NY NY.

Walter Lieberman Enamel paintings on glass.

Hellebore Glass Studio Includes glass blowing pics taken every 6 minutes.

Little Worlds Fabulous glass paperweights.

Michael Foster Fine Fused Glass.

Seekers Collection and Gallery of very nice glass working.

Cornucopia of Colors Lots of glass jewelry and glass fusing.

Nahariya Glass Glass fusing - plates and ornaments.

Paul Friend Architecture stained and leaded glass.

Jody Fine Master marble maker.

Andiamo Glass Design Very nice nice stuff.

Edisto River Glassworks .

West Lake Glass Studio Lots of glassblowing then engraving.

Trout Studios Vases, perfume bottles & xmas ornaments with high opalescense.

The Value of Glass A page about estimating the value of collector art glass.

National Museum Of American Art The White House Collection.

Art Glass World The online Stained Glass Channel.

Portia A large Chicago Glass Gallery.

Not Just Mud! A Gallery.

Glass Line The newsletter for hot glass artists.

International Guild Of Glass Artists.

Hacker Glass Tools and supplies for glassworking..

Crystal Myths The best small-piece hot glassworking video's to be found.

LOOKING GLASS A reflection of art glass on the web.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Makers of glass for over a century.

Warner-Crivellaro Excellent stained glass and supplies dealer.

Delphi Stained Glass A major leaded glass supplier.

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