Cool Stuff

U R THERE A really cool example of the Hitachi MPEG hand-held camera used for interactive panorama scrolling.

Look for "The Tell-Tale Heart" A Sci-Fi channel animation of this Edgar Allen Poe classic.

Lili's 21 Ah, my favorite bar! In Hamtramck.

BiblioFind The best place to find old books!

Detroit MetroGuide A Detroit area online business community featuring local events, Michigan lighthouses, and a virtual stroll through the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The Whitney This restaurant is in one of the most spectacular settings imaginable. This 1890's home of a Detroit lumber baron is 3 stories of pink granite with windows and lamps by Tiffany.

COL Joe Kittinger A VERY COOL PAGE of his accomplishments. Read the articles of the day in 1960 when he set the world record for the longest parachute jump, from 19 miles above the Earth. Also see the photo from the gondola that made the cover of LIFE magazine, as he descends above the clouds and breaks the sound barrier. Currently COL Joe travels the country performng 'barnstorming' exhibitions in antique airplanes.

Splinters A tops web page about one of my fav musicians, Paul Weller, formerly the driving force in The Jam and The Style Council.

Massive Attack About the band, with a couple video clips. Paul Weller plays on "Teardrop".

C Kato Another Weller fan page .. with photo's and postcards.

Paul Weller songs Tablature & lyrics.

Paul Weller Interesting info & trivia.

Paul Weller Nice list of bootlegs.

Paul Weller Peter's list of more bootlegs.

Paul Weller More links.

The MOD scene Get out your scooter!

Kate Bush Another of my very fav artists - many photos and lists of people who have recorded with her.

Beverly Hills Software A nice Windows software download site.

Pyrotechnic Info Don't try this at home!

The Detroit Public Library Including access to the LUIS catalog system.

Ultimate Flights The Experimental Aircraft Association - Hosts of the legendary annual Oshkosh fly-in.

HoloWorld Learn how to make your own holograms.

Rhythm & Hues World-class commercial and animation production. Their work includes the Coca-Cola 'polar bears', and the Shell 'dancing gas-pump' spots.

R/GREENBERG Associates Another world-class commercial and animation production house.

CineWeb Scout out locations for your next movie!

Virtual Cities Visit New Orleans or 8 other cities in VRML.

www.tunes.com A large database of artists and their related albums and songs.

Anti-Telemarketer SOURCE Find out how you can get off popular telemarketing lists... even make $500 if they call you back after being asked not to.

MapQuest Great WWW mapping info. Door to door directions across the US!

Mystery School Explore your Waking Dreams - Produced by Todd Rundgren.

Air & Space Magazine Home page of the Air & Space Magazine by the Smithsonian.

Harley-Davidson Needs no description. A nicely done web page.

Hubble Pictures taken from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Classic Toy Steam Engines Many photos from a nice private collection.

Classic Car Source Inc Lots of nice 'mobiles here!

ACTION Group Motorsport Sponsorship & Marketing.

SR Racing With info about racing electronics, and Formula Vee and SCCA classes.

Global Racing Network Havta check this out myself yet.

Submerged Sites Click on the Mermaid for help.

ESPN NET The web site for the sports channel.

NHL Hockey A very nice web page for the National Hockey League.

New Media Magazine Feature articles and a compendium of Multimedia tools.

Bartlett's Creativity quotations.

Fun Stuff What do ya do as a student at MIT with free time?

The FAQs OF LIFE Add your own wisdoms to this evolving text.

Switchboard Residential and business locator.

MORE COOL STUFF A page with neat info.

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