The Red Herring A great site about investing and the computer market.

Carter-Harwell Public Relations.

Michigan BizServe A Michigan online business community featuring discussion forums, resourses, calendars and news.

Library Of Congess Just what it says. :)

Department of Defense Technology support programs for 'small' businesses.

SEC The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

U.S. Patent Office The official Web Site for the U.S. Patent Office.

U.S. Patent Database Search for patents right here.

Inventors Digest The online version of this popular inventor's magazine.

R. F. Wilson Web marketing and demographics.

Web marketing info Web marketing and demographics.

CyberAtlas Information and demographics about WWW users.

Guerrilla Marketing Online An online extension of this companies standard marketing technologies.

Dun & Bradstreet MarketPlace Search for specific market demographics or service vendors in your area.

American Demographics A wide variety of demographic information.

Richardson Research & Retrieval Includes info on American and Internet marketing demographics.

PR Newswire Corporate News since 1954. Features 'Money Talks' - A guide to the Financial InfoHighway.

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