Video and Audio

Hugh Chaloner Hugh is a Non-Linear video Editor in Dublin Ireland, and has done productions for Guinness, Coca-Cola and numerous music videos. This is a REALLY sharp graphical page.

Charles Poynton TONS of great tech info about video and color, and much much more.

San Diego BAY-CAM A video camera in San Diego.

OpAmp Labs An excellent company that creates and sells audio and video electronics and books.

Digital Video Consulting An informative web page about digital video.

ESP Video More digital video info, related to the Bravado 1000 and Premiere.

RSS A Detroit area company selling animation and digital video systems.

Digital video sales A company with a good web page regarding lower-end digital video products.

Perception Products for capture and playback of animation.

ITVA International Television Association.

Video tools A site with lots of video related software and drivers like MPEG and Quicktime.

Mind Spring Corporate / industrial video & multimedia scriptwriting.

Industrial Street Productions "Terrific entertainment for open minds". Film, TV, and live event production.

Horizon Film & Graphics A production company in Detroit.

The Control Room Home music studios, PC music hardware, MIDI files, 'n stuff.

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