General & WWW Technology

Doctor HTML GREAT TOOL for developers of web pages! This reviews the code and can find problems or ambiguities. Nice web page stats reports.

WebLint This HTML reviewer is perhaps a bit better, but misses out on some of the nice general reporting that Doctor HTML provides. Since it requires Perl to run on your own computer, it's usually easier to run it right from the web at WebLint Gateway.

Wierd Science by Bill B! A wild and fun science site including Tesla links and more.

Henry Ford Museum And Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan. Quite a place!

The Robot Store Build your own robots!

Technical University of Berlin - Department of Computer Science. Lots of OUTSTANDING graphics stuff found here. I hope you're not afraid of reading German.. ;)

University of Manchester If graphics terminology like NURBS, PHIGS, MPEG and MAVIS mean anything to you, this is the place to be!

Marcia Yudkin Marcia runs a page at Penguin Publishing about 'Marketing Online' using Internet.

Brian Eno & Koan Music Pick up your plugin to music enable your website.

Inferno Info about a new OS or network system(?) by Lucent Tech (Bell Labs).

DJGPP A link to info about the freeware DJGPP C & C++ compiler.

Macromedia Interactive graphics and very soon.. web publishing applications!

Eddie Paul Industries Film and hydraulic technologies including 3D filming via "Circlescan".

USGS United States Geographic Survey.. Lo-res(?) DEM maps of land masses across the country.

WinNT TIPS & TRICKS JSI Inc. - A great TIPS & TRICKS page!

HREF Tools Corp HREF publishes WebHub, a WWW page authoring component for Delphi. This looks quite sharp, and they have trial versions available.

Texture Land! Lots of backgrounds and textures available here.

Mesh Mart A source for 3D objects.

Viewpoint Datalabs Lots of 3D models, programs and perhaps demo's found at this site.

Computer Graphics world The new site of this computer graphics and animation magazine.

American Megatrends Makers of popular (but expensive) Pentium motherboards.

SciTech Good graphics programming libraries and utilities.

Virtual Reality Markup Language A 3D Web using Reality Lab's libraries.

RenderWare To learn all about Criterion's RenderWare.

Spells Of Fury A book by Waite Group about 3D game engines(?)

Dr. Dobbs Journal This is the home page of Dr Dobbs Journal for Computer Orthodontia.

Andrew Schulman Andrew Schulman is the author of "Undocumented Windows" and "Undocumented Windows 95". On this page you'll find a paper of his, titled "Windows 95 - What it isn't, What it is, and Why it matters". Also, a copy of Dirty Secrets of Win95 is available here.

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