Computer Graphics and Art

Procedural Graphics Includes a number of nice descriptions and pseudo-code.

Boboland A page about 3D Studio MAX Rendering.. Pics, FAQs, and Tips.

Fresnel reflectance Demonstration of the imaging benefits of Fresnel reflectance curves.

Andrey Zmievski A 3D Studio MAX page with the "PlugIn Wish List"

Nonlinear Nonsense Home page for Dick Oliver, an author who publishes the fractal graphics newsletter of the same name.

MultiDimensional Signal Processing Research Group At the University of Calgary.

Paul Heckbert Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon Univ., focusing on graphics.

RMC Graphics Studio A Russian animation & video studio in Ufa.

Robert Mickelsen An artist with a web page devoted to his glasswork, ray-tracing, and surfing.

DGAS Dave G's Animation System for POV-RAY.

Jean-Francois Colonna This page is AWESOME. Math intensive graphics including realism, surrealism and molecular studies.

Bruce Shapiro An experimenter using motion control machinery to create 3D sculptures.

Steve Perrigo A computer artist's home page.

Dan Farmer Dan is a heavy supporter of POV-Ray and has done many of its sample scenes.

Rollo Silver A fractal artist's home page.

Kerry Mitchell Another fractal artist's home page.

Beale Fractal art and reference sites for Graphics, Linux and Digital Elevation Model files.

BG Dodson A 3D graphics artist's home page.

Xavier Manget Another 3D graphics artist's home page.

ReZ.n8 An outstanding computer graphics production house.

Michiko Some very nice work by a graphics illustrator. Obviously she likes female super heroes... but then, so do I .

Computer Vision Group University of Wisconsin - including some nice new morphing techniques.

AI Pictures Multimedia and presentation development company.

NT Internals A great page with WinNT programmer code and utilities.

Blue Water Systems A page with WinNT driver wizards.

Gamasutra NICE NICE Game Developers page.

Download page At MS - SDK files!

FreeWin95 A GNU license development of a Win32 compatible OS.

Willows A GNU license platform-independent API.

V Communications More great Undocumented Windows and NT codes.

DevInfo Links to all kinds of developer and graphics goodies.

ftp://ftp.uu.net/graphics Links to all kinds of graphics goodies.

Syndesis Makers of MEGAHEDRON (a real-time 3D graphics engine), and INTERCHANGE (a 3D object file converter).

Kinetix Makers of 3D Studio MAX.

Power CG A nice broadcast style Character Generator program.

Shake High power compositing tool for WinNT and the SGI.

Vector Graphics Another 3D engine developer.

Animagicians A boston, MA 3D company.

Rhino Hot new 3D modeling software. Beta version is free! (expires 1997)

John Stetzer Another 3D graphics artist's home page.

DiP A nice web page with many Photoshop hints, etc.

SIGGRAPH The ACM Special Interest Group, a major force in computer imaging development.

MITCGS MIT Computer Graphics Society.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Long the major research body of NASA, JPL has their own home page. Cool cool stuff.

FRACTINT This popular IBM programs home page. Learn how to make fractal graphics yourself!

HOP Another cool IBM programs home page. Fractal's In Motion!

Radiance Here you'll find images created using the 'radiosity' illumination technique with the Radiance program.

Real 3D Images from the commercial ray-tracer Real 3D.

Silicon Graphics - Serious Fun Graphics and video created on Silicon Graphics workstations.

Winston Harness An artist specializing in casting bronze and other metals.

The Smithsonian Look for this site to get better and better for years to come!

Museum of Contemporary Art Just a click away!

Whitney Museum This is a link to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Laurie McCanna This page is the "Free Art Website" and has many Corel and Photoshop tips for designing web pages.

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