Lino Tagliapietra
Maestro Glass Blower

Ryan Crase has kindly offered to let me display his wonderful photos of Lino at work, and I'm excited to bring them to you.

These were taken in Seattle Washington during a session of glassblowing for the William Traver Gallery in February of 2000. The studio is named Manifesto and is operated by Luca Rattazi.

This series shows Lino expertly heating a piece in the furnace, shaping the vessel with the help of two assistants (Dave Walters pictured), and finally Nancy Callan shaping a special piece. The offscreen assistant (likely Nancy) is using wooden paddles, one of the oldest tools in the trade, to protect Lino from the heat while working this large piece.

Ryan really loves black & white photography, as exhibited in these photos. These are not in any specific order, and I think represent the stages of two different vessels:

Photo 1: Notice the teamwork involved - 3 assistants at once.
(John "Scooter" Kiley is puffing into the pipe.)
Photo 2: Lino pulls out a narrow neck on this piece.
Photo 3: Shaping a piece on the marver for further blowing.

Photo 1: Lino shapes the vessel with cork blocks, while an assistant keeps the pipe end hot with a torch. Notice the heat from the torch is creating a visual effect.
Photo 2: Re-heating the very top of the vessel.
Photo 3: Shaping with a cork block again.
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