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Ahhhhhhhhhhh! In late July we went for a vacation in Southern California, and it was really great.

Staying with Rose's friends outside San Diego and in hotels some nights, we covered many sights in San Diego, along the ocean in Orange County, as well as the tourist places in LA and Hollywood. A late night ride along Mulholland Drive was quite exciting. Mulholland is a winding street at the top of the Hollywood Hills with a view of LA (South) and the Burbank area (North). You've seen Mulholland in movies, especially the old hot-rodder flicks.

All in all we put about 1100 miles on the rental, most of it in 7 days. Then Rose & I spent 2 days in Laguna, a real favorite of mine, close to the Balboa / Newport area. A lot of people, yes, but still extremely hospitable, and so many things to do. You could stay in Laguna for a week, not go more than a half mile, and still not see everything.

Click on any photo for a large version. Photos are in chronological order.

Laura on the car ferry, going from Balboa Island to the peninsula.
*The BEST pic of them all*
There's a big wave coming ... not the one in the pic, the one -behind- it!
Looking north from the Balboa Pier. A pretty shot though it makes it seem closer to sunset than it actually is.
Knott's Soak City USA. In the left rear is their biggest slide, 8 people on a tube. Lower left is the river, and to the right the kiddie area.
A lucky photo! Laura hits splashdown.
The Los Angeles Hard Rock Cafe is in the Beverly Center.
Now there's a cutie!

Laura is in front.

At the La Brea Tar Pits (George C. Page Museum) in LA.

Archeologists continue to work the tar pit digs. Here they've found a few bones and are working a 4x4 foot area.
The Tommy store in Beverly Hills.

It's a fabulous store - now we know where all the money goes.

A great pic of Rose & Laura at the "Chinese Theatre" in Hollywood.
Rose & Laura at the Diana Ross star on Hollywood Blvd.
The cars in this "Top Eliminator" ride are powered by 350 Chevy's and big Hoosier slicks on the rear... hit the shift right and the tires squawk into 2nd gear. Then it's over, in a quick 3.5 seconds.

Laura did great, taking 1st in one of the 3 races against me and 2 others. I won the other two. :^)

This is Brian's fav ride at Speedzone. The cars don't look like much because so many bumpers are attached, but they include a full suspension system. The track facility is great, with two individual courses in one space.
Laura going out to try the slick-trak gokarts. The slick-trak is a riot, with a polished surface that makes the cars slide through the turns.

I don't understand why a slick-trak has not appeared in Detroit.

For our first day in Laguna Beach we stayed at the Holiday Inn. It's very pretty and likable, with all rooms opening to the central courtyard. No ocean view though.
Brian on Little Balboa Island.
This is a photo from Laguna's Main Beach area, looking south. Such a sweet spot, day or night.
You have no idea how hard and well the lifeguards work. When they see a big set of waves coming, they run & swim into them 'just in case'. Then they run back ready to do it again. It is no exercise - we weren't there very long when we saw them save a life.
Now there's a nice pic!

A seaside dinner at The Beach House.

The view to the North from The Beach House restaurant.

Sorry for the railing in the foreground.

The view from our balcony seats at the Tides Motel. The Tides is just a simple 60's place, but close to Main Beach with a bit of a view of the ocean.
C'mon in!
The cove just north of Main Beach. Jan and I went snorkeling around here in the mid 80's... I think along the rocky area in the distance. I was surprised to see so much sea life in such a small area and so close to shore.
Getting ready for dinner at the Village Cafe. The view doesn't get any better!
The sunset of our trip.
From the Village Cafe.
Bye Bye!
A photo of the San Diego bays as we begin our flight home.
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